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Feb 24

Combat Simulator Triple 32″ Forward View + 22″ Cockpit Screen

posted on February 24, 2015
We have a new Fold – A – Way screen design for our Panoramic  90″ forward view Triple Screen Simulator. This design permits the 2 side screens to fold inward for transport and easy setup in road show service
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Feb 21

U.S. Marine Corps recruiting a few good Woman and Men

posted on February 21, 2015
Marine Corps Recruiting Command New 4th Marine Corps District simulators visited Morgantown University to attract young woman and men to Marine Aviation. HotSeat built these high fidelity Panoramic View simulators for the USMC configured as a Helicopter Sim and Combat Sim. This is a pilot (Ha!) program to test the success rate with college students. […]
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Feb 17

T.W. Andrews High School in High Point, N.C

posted on February 17, 2015
HPNWS 2-11 Scrapbook1 B11
The aviation program at T.W. Andres was featured in these photographs by  Laura Greene  for the High Point Enterprise newspaper. The program uses 15 of our Dual Screen flight simulators.  This program teaches students how flying in flight simulators applies math and science in a meaningful way in Project Based Learning activities. 
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Feb 03

Paper Airplanes for Bored Students

posted on February 3, 2015
P Plane
What a great metaphor to teach kids math and science.  Every teacher has had students make paper airplanes then disrupt the class. National Geographic has a great chapter on this.  
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Jan 23

Otronicon Orlando Fl. Features HotSeat Triple Screen Flight Simulator

posted on January 23, 2015
Otronicon is the big technology event sponsored by the Orlando Science Center. Ron Handy, from Phenix Designs, displayed this simulator in his booth at Otronicon. The simulator was enjoyed by kids and parents flying around the Orlando area. Aviation has a profound use of math and science in every flight plan. Students use our curriculum […]
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Jan 22

NPR / PRI Science Friday Visits Frederick Douglass Academy in NYC

posted on January 22, 2015
Students become teachers
Ariel Zych, Science Fridays educational editor, visited the Frederick Douglass Academy’s Aeronautics class to see how NYC students can plan then fly, validating their calculations. Ariel chatted with students who have learned how to apply the math and science curriculum using edustations flight simulators. She was totally amazed at the quality and proficiency these NYC […]
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Jan 22

Yale ROTC Update

posted on January 22, 2015
Lieutenant Josh Parson flying the dual screen simulator at Yale
Yale has been using their dual screen simulator in their Flying Club. Naval Lieutenant Josh Parson is shown flying the simulator with the students interested in careers in the Navy Aviation. The simulator just got an update to the newest release of Prepar3D so he can fly the upcoming F-35 fighter.
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Jan 11

Common Core K12 STEM Lab Curriculum

posted on January 11, 2015
Circle of STEM
Project Based Learning Activities: Using edustation K12 STEM Lab curriculum Grade levels 5 – 8 Students apply Common Core & Next Gen Science Standards High school students in NYC apply math and science every day in the aeronautics class at The Frederick Douglass Academy. The class is based on the innovative edustation K-12 STEM Lab […]
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Dec 11

NSTA Long Beach fly’s the edustation K12 STEM Flight Simulator

posted on December 11, 2014
We met many science teachers at the NSTA conference held in conjunction with the CSTA.  Teachers saw the value and learning possibilities doing Project Based Learning.  
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Nov 17

STEM in NYC: NYC Dept. of Education visits Frederick Douglass Academy

posted on November 17, 2014
Linda Curtis-Bey and Nancy Woods, from the NYC Dept. of Education,  visited the Aeronautics program at The Frederick Douglass Academy. Both ladies got to fly in a Single Screen Flight Sim and an edustation Flight Simulator assisted by students in the Aero class. Teaching STEM using our K12 STEM Manual  has proven to deliver impressive […]
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